Jason R. Finley


Research Tools that I have made

Effect Sizes

Omega Squared formulas quick reference: covers various ANOVA designs : OmegaSquaredQuickRef_JRF_3-31-13.pdf

Effect Size Tutorial presentation: shows how to calculate Omega squared from SPSS output : EffectSizeTutorial_4-1-13b.pptx

Example of calculating Cohen's d in Excel: EffectSize_CohensDexample.xlsx

Ordinal Correlation

Notes on comparing two Kendall's Tau correlation coefficients: ComparingKendallsTaus.docx

R code for comparing Tau-b coefficients, independent or dependent: CCseJRFcompare4.r

Programming in Flash/ActionScript3


Programming in MatLab + Psychtoolbox3

Code to implement a free response question: MatLab_PTB3_FreeResponse.zip

Statistics in R

Guide to Univariate & Multivariate Approaches to Mixed-Design 2-Way ANOVA in R

Statistics in Excel

How to do the sign test in Excel